Mushroom Town 


Science Fiction Illustration

'Mushroom Town' presents a fictional story written particularly to break the barrier of the negative associations with fungus and to bring in a new approach and perspective. Because people’s perceptions of fungus are mostly negative we do not easily accept the new culture that could be brought into our life, and miss out on its practical and aesthetic potentials. 



| Story |

A girl named Julie moves to a town called ‘mushroom’ with lots of fear of meeting new people. As she goes to her new school for the first day, she feels very isolated because she has different hair the others have fungus hair. Her new classmates stare at her hair weirdly and also talk in whispers. Spending her first day at school miserably, she wipes her tears at night in her bed. Suddenly someone calls her name and talks to her, she moves her bed and realises that its the fungus behind her bed. At the beginning she talks to the fungus suspiciously, but the more she talks to them the more comforted she feels. A few months later, the fungus encourages her to eat them so they could be with her anywhere she goes. When she starts eating the fungus she begins hearing the fungus in her lonely classroom. The more she digests her fungi friends, the more her hair was being replaced by fungus. Now she has a new identity and has become part of new society.

| Credit |
Outfit of the illustration, Suoak

| Exhibition |
Royal College of Art

| Press |
De.Sign, TV Broadcast, password: 3Dpreview