Kimjongun Flower


Stop Motion Film

Each North Korean dictator had flowers named after themselves. However, the current dictator does not have one yet. There are many things that Kim is trying to develop in North Korea by spending enormous amount of price to build ski that is unnecessary for the famine citizens. Between citizens, Kim is losing authority which is very different compared to the previous dictators. His mother is one of many issues for it. His mother was not the first wife of Kim Jongil, she was born and raised in Japan, and her occupation was a singer before marrying with Kim. Therefore, it is very sure that he will envest finance to find his name value back. Therefore, the designer imagined a scenario where an American Korean botanist offer Kim a flower (other Kims have been receiving their flowers from the other countries as well) that looks like other two Kim flowers. However the flower is made to smell very attempting to eat and it has rich satiety.

| Many Thanks |
Julie Lim
Hiroki Yokoyama