Céline Minkyung Park is a critical designer and the founder of Céline Park Studio, Céline Park Gallery and Eyelove Art Center in Seoul, South Korea. She constantly moves to Europe from Korea to deveop her work in progress and to exhibit them.

As a Korean she was raised and educated in France, Canada, and the United States. After achieving her MA degree at Royal College of Art in the design interactions programme, she has exhibited her work at the V&A museum in London, Busan International Short Film Festival in Busan and a few more places.

Throughout her previous years as a designer, she has used multiple methodologies. She obtained a graphic design, film, photography, and fine art background. And therefore, she drew on these experiences to suit the specific subjects in her work. She interrogates perceptions of cultural and social constructs that exist in society. In most circumstances, she creates speculative scenarios around social hierarchy to explore individual experiences that people go through. The scenarios that she creates are usually polarised dystopian or utopian ones and can sit in the future, the past as a counterfactual scenario or the present. An underlying objective of her projects is to remind people that culture can unconsciously manipulate us and that it is always important to look through all the layers of a subject.

Céline Park Studio encourage and invite experts from diverse backgrounds to work collaboratively through design. We mainly use design fiction and speculative design proposals to challenge assumptons, and to create art concepts by reinterpreting a certain time period or events. The studio is located at Apgujeongro 32, 30 gil, Gangnam in Seoul, South Korea.

Céline Park Gallery encourage and invite diverse designers and artists who have broadly worked in the design future in diverse aspects. We regularly collaborate with artists and desigeners and few other experts in other fields like philosophy, psychology, or anthropology to exhibit. The gallery is located at the 4th floor of Apgujeongro 32, 30 gil, Gangnam in Seoul, South Korea.


| Education |

M.A. Design Interactions | Shortlisted for Helen Hamlyn Award

CIID, COPENHAGEN, DENMARK | June 2014-July 2014
Summer programme in interactive design

PRATT ART INSTITUTE, NY, UNITED STATES | September 2006-December 2010
B.A. Graphic Design Award: Received International Merit Scholarship. | Nominated: Student Leadership Award

President and secretary of Student Council.

Received Junior Highschool Graduation degree (Brevet Exam)

| Experiences |

CELINE PARK STUDIO | Owner & Main Designer | June 2017-
Produces critical design and opens lectures of temporary issues around sociology, science, and politic with invited guests for collaboration and to educate forward thinking for audiences.

EYE LOVE I CLINIC | Head designer | December 2016-
Filmed and produced short films. Designed posters and brochures. Designed logo and posters. Photographed still shots.
Directed and edited short advertising films.

CJ ENTERTAINMENT, THE DRAMA SERIES ‘20’ | Head designer | October-December 2013
Filmed and helped produce a drama series “20’s”. Designed logo and posters. Photographed still shots.
Directed and edited short advertising films.

SYS PLANET | Art director | January-June 2013
Taught art to autistic students, and directed and exhibited
their work at Galleries.

LIPPINCOTT IN NYC | Freelance designer | April-December 2011
Designed logos, websites, brochures and visual systems for MasterCard, Exelis, Forsee, Xylem, Post-it, Citibank, Financial Engines, and Wells Fargo.

CONDÉ NAST, TEEN VOGUE MAGAZINE IN NYC | Intern | September-December 2010
Finalized details for layouts.

MTV, NICKELODEON IN NYC | Intern | September 2009-
April 2010

Designed Variety Magazine cover, on-air/ off-air ads, web banners, and posters.

EDITORIAL FOR RING MAGAZINE | Photographer | March, April 2008
Photographed the editorial.

| Skill |

in Adobe AfterEffects, Premiere, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Final cut pro.

Basic Knowledge
in Adobe Flash, Dream Weaver, Microsoft Office.

in French, English and Korean.

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