L'Objet + Astral 

solo exhibition

The curators, Artfact and Céline Park have collaboratively applied to the Korean Cultural Center in France to organize Celine's Solo Exhibition. The team's proposal was chosen among a few thousands of proposals. During the exhibition, Celine's object series were exhibited in France for 3 months.

큐레이터 그룹 Artfact와 셀린은, 셀린의 개인전 기획을 위해 프랑스 한국 문화원에 공동으로 지원했다. 팀의 제안은 수천 개의 제안 중 선택되었고, 셀린의 '오브제 시리즈' 작품이 모두 3개월간 전시되었다. 


Object Right 

Object Marriage

Object Signal

Object Matcher


Centre Culturel Coréen, Paris France

images from Francezone