Placebo Funeral

Scratch Performance Project

Since having my mental well-being tested a number of years ago, I had an interest in the human psyche and the way that society and social conditioning interacts with our personal experience.

I have been very interested in the social stigmas attached to suicide, looking at both the individual impact and the impact on the surrounding people effected. I became very interested in the artificial suicide bridges used at suicide aversion camps in my home country of South Korea.

I have created a performance that speculates a future in which suicide and other difficult subjects can be experienced and dealt with through placebo role play.

It is a collaboration between dancers, musicians and choreographers to create a theatrical ritual that is not confined to traditional forms. It is also a critique on how many of today’s rituals are tools to enforce control and maintain the status quo.

The project was performed at Southbank Centre for the Changing Minds Festival as scratch performance in 2016 February. 

| Many thanks to |

Nina Pope, James Cowdery, Georgia Ward, Adam Joshua, Letizia Binda-Partensky, Leung Wing Yue, Sari Räthel, Edurne Alegria, Linda Telek, Naeun Park, Sara Ciprietti, Ana Gurria, Laura Chiabolotti

| Millinery Designer|

Jing Sophie Tan