The Object Signal

Short Film

A speculative scenario looking at depression and the psychological factors from the social structure through placebo roleplay. When the Asperger syndrome becomes more common between our society and when people have to obtain an extreme belief system to eradicate from their anxiety and depression within our society. More and more people tend to rely on technology to communicate with others but somehow live in it. Therefore, through a critical perspective, Céline designed an object that allows people to use to communicate with objects instead of human and people still need to use their belief system in order to make it function.

| Press |

France Zone

| Film Collaboration |

Producer: Sung Lim Choi
DOP: In Suk Kang
Boom Operater:
You Jin Chung
Hair & Make Up:
Ra Young Kim

| Actors |
Marie Sanson
OS Signal Seller:
Gaëtan Postorivo
Girl 1: Jennifer Gold
Girl 2: Cindy Renou
OS User: Jennifer Gold
Special Thanks:
Triangle Production

| Machine Collaboration |

| Technicians |
Technical Engineer: Technical Operator :
Wan Bae Lee
Assistant: Ye Rim Lee