The Object Marriage


The project is a 20-minute performance directed and designed by Céline Minkyung Park. It is a collaborative project with various artists and a scientist. The project speculates a fictional scenario of ‘What if … marriage to objects conformed more strictly to the societal rules?’ In this project, Céline has imagined a dystopian society where objectophiles can only marry the objects they love once they are qualified. 

| Credit |

Costume Design: Celine Park
Costume tailoring: Line Mode Seoul, Miji Min, Margueritte Tailor at RCA
Object Design: Céline Park Collaboration: Choreographer Winona Eguy Scientist Cleo Kontoravdi Composer Sang Dae Hoon Object Design Céline Park Object Fabrication Céline Park, RCA workshop members, Sorin Choi Photography: Scarlett Casciello Rogers, Sijong Kim Special Thanks to: Jin Ahn