The Object Matcher


Product Design

Céline has been working on varied projects based on the subject of objectum-sexuals since 2017. Céline has been writing scenarios by adopting the subject as the parallel world to ours and handled diverse social issues through the scenarios.

This project is based on a speculative scenario looking at the irrational social structure which adopts diverse superstitions to survive particularly when it comes to marriage. Exclusively in Asia, abounding people are intensely obsessed to varify their marital compatibility with their partners before marriage.

The Object Matcher is to varify the best compatible object to the users/humen. The machine allows the users to find their perfect match with their ideal objects. Therefore, it encourages the users to choose several options to certify the compatible level between the user and an object. The user also needs to insert their hands within the machine for fingerprint recognition to maintain additional informations discovery. Then the machine divulge which object also liked the user based on the information of the user through out their fingerprints and the user can decide further about how their relationship grows. 

| Press |
France Zone 

| Exhibition |
Céline Park Gallery, Seoul, Korea | 2020 March 27- Jul 28

Centre Culturel Coréen Paris, France | 2019 March 20-May 20

| Collaboration | Technicians |
Technical Engineer : Dong Hoon Lee
3D Modeling : Min Hoon Yoo
Technical Operator : Wan Bae Lee
Image searching and operator : Ye Rim Lee